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We have conducted various trainings around the country to farmers in beekeeping and provide them wi...Read More

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Our honey label “Not tonight honey has been established as a leading brand. By buying high and..Read More

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Malaika Honey is a social enterprise that has specialized in beekeeping since June 2006. We traRead More

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Ik beekeeping training

A small peek into our beekeeping work with the Ik people at Kaabong district in Karamoja region. We bring to them practical modern beekeeping skills as opposed to traditional methods This will enable them increase honey productivity and with our ready available markets, get a descent income for their households.

Special thanks to Mercy Corps for the project support and the Al-jazeera team that filmed this ahead of the world mountain conservation summit

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Our Work

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Beekeeping equipment

We offer the best beekeeping equipment that we have over the years redesigned and improved to suit the beekeepers needs as well as being affordable for the small scale farmer. The equipment range from...

Market value chain developments

Our greatest success has been to drive development with reliable markets. Toward this we developed the Honey outreach model that has had a great success in reaching and bringing markets direct to f...

Beekeeping guidebook

The guide book written from our 10 years of experience in the field offers a practical hands on guidance to successful beekeeping. Find it in selected bookshops and cafes or contact us

Bee venom

We have been involved in active research on bee venom which led us to development our own bee venom machine. See video of how the machine works. We also produce our own bee venom honey.The bee venom h...

Queen rearing

Queen breeding is key to less aggressive, resilient and more productive bees. We have got queens available for sale. Please contact us.Check out a full overview we filmed in Nepal.Click to see video h...

Bee fencing

Elephants cause a big distraction to human property especially gardens for those that live near the game parks. This can be controlled by setting up a bee fence. This works  in away that when ele...

KTB hive tool

We designed and developed this hive tool specially for the Kenyan top bar hive with each part of the tool having specific task to make work easy during inspection or harvesting in the apiary. the task...

Training farmers into beekeeping

Our focus in progressive training is in transitional top-bar beehive technology by understanding traditional skills being utilized and giving the skills needed. Farmers are given classroom theor...

Training kids

We also carry out training of kids in beekeeping through fun videos, presentations and games plus a practical session where the kids interact with our tamed and calm bees. This enables the kids get ha...

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"Iam very happy because the book i bought about bee keeping by Malaika Honey has given me great ideas on h..."

Achol Catherine

"When i used the methods i was given by Malaika Honey to fence my bee hives, i never looked back, forever ..."

Gideon Mugisa

"My business has improved after i implemented methods i got from the Malaika workshop, thanks guys"

Semwasi Benson

"The best services around, thanks Malaika Honey"

John Semakula

The beekeeping experience was one of the more surprisingly interesting things i've been to in 5 years in Uganda. I'd never given it much thought before, but it was fascinating learning the ways bees dance to find food sources, different types of hives, and putting on beekeeping gear to open up hives and see how they really work. Highly recommended.