Pure natural honey

Honey has well documented health benefits. It is high in invertise enzymes that strengthens the bodies immune system. The elements of Glucose oxidise, high acidity and sugar content are three essential elements that kill bacteria in the body and act to boost ones health so it is not just a sweet tasting product.

"Not tonight honey" comes in four varieties - Wild forest, Acacia, Multi-flora and the new Cocoa and Cinnamon. We work with farmers from all over Uganda to get the best quality honey from the rich natural environment where they live.




Propolis resin is produced by bees from plant extracts mixed with the bees own enzymes. They use it as a disinfectant to keep the hive sterile. We can use it as an antibiotic, it soothes inflammations, speeds up healing of wounds, combats fungal infections and strengthens the body's immune system.

It can be used internally to treat colds, bronchitis, stomach ulcers, respiratory disorders, liver and kidney inflammation, ear, nose and throat infections and toothaches. Externally it will heal cuts, burns, and other minor skin infections.

Uganda's pristine natural environment gives us a propolis that is free of pollutants. Is available on the market both in Uganda and abroad.

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propolis article

Bees make wonderdrug

National newspaper article
"Bees have given mankind unique products that scientists still have failed to copy. Apart from honey and wax, bees also give something useful to health but human beings have so far ignored it..."

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It is one of the most versatile products for secondary uses. Beeswax is harvested from the comb that bees use to construct their hives. We offer it pure and refined.

Processed wax itself is used in a multitude of products as an additive and has a wide market. From hair creams to shoe polish. Secondary products such as beeswax candles are also available.


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