Honey and Hive Products

Pure natural honey

Honey has well documented health benefits. It is high in invertise enzymes that strengthens the bodies immune system. The elements of Glucose oxidise, high acidity and sugar content are three essential elements that kill bacteria in the body and act to boost ones health so it is not just a sweet ...

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Propolis resin is produced by bees from plant extracts mixed with the bees own enzymes. They use it as a disinfectant to keep the hive sterile. We can use it as an antibiotic, it soothes inflammations, speeds up healing of wounds, combats fungal infections and strengthens the body's immune system...

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Bee venom honey

Bee venom honey is a mixture of honey and bee venom that can be taken to boost the immune system. Bee venom itself is a bitter colourless liquid that is released through the sting of a bee. It is actually the venom that is painful when stung by bee.


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Wax got from heated and processed honey combs. it is used to make candles as well as a base for cosmetics

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