Training & Support program


Many farmers in Uganda have beekeeping experience from managing traditional hives but few actually have the skills to promote from subsistence level beekeeping to a commercial beekeeping where they can earn a decent living.

At Malaika Honey we run an intensive beekeeping training courses that enables poor farmers to learn the necessary skills to become commercial beekeepers.

Using experienced trainers who emphasize practical onsite experience. The cost for the course is low as we effectively administer money that is allocated. There is no administration fees because our staff earn their wages through honey so you can be sure that funds will go direct to the cause.

If you would like to support rural beekeepers please contact us


Apiary setup and Support program

Apiary setup - Monitoring and evaluation - Reporting

In addition to setting up your beehives in a modern apiary we also offer advise to you on how to best maximise the output of honey and hive products in written reports for you to consult.

cost benefit analysis


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