About Us

Our Beginnings

Malaika Honey is a social enterprise that has specialized in beekeeping since June 2006.It was founded by Simon Turner, an Australian who had come to Uganda in 2005 to trade in honey. He was however unsuccessful as he found no honey with farmers having empty hives not being looked after. Its from this experience that inspired him to start a beekeeping company so as to build and develop the beekeeping industry in Uganda which he has successfuly done over the ten years and still counting.

We have conducted various  trainings around the country to farmers in beekeeping and provide them with the necessary equipment and tools in order to succeed and produce best quality honey and hive products

Malaika Honey, however, in addition to the above drives development to farmers with a reliable market for their honey and hive products. We therefore aim at providing a long-term self-sustainable world market for Ugandan honey and hive products.Our main target in training the farmers is to develop them from the subsistence beekeeping culture to small-mid income earners with modern techniques in beekeeping.Since introduction we have had proven success to provide farmers practical knowledge and skills to succeed and raised income levels for thousands of farmers.

What we do

Research and Development

We are also involved in research and development of efficient methods and beekeeping equipment and have partnered with Design without Borders to develop a KTB hive tool and variations on the Top-bar beehive. We have pioneered technical information and have published a practical guidebook “Beekeeping as a Business”, now in its fourth edition documenting over ten years of focused knowledge locally and internationally.

Training Farmers

Our focus in progressive training is in transitional top-bar beehive technology by understanding traditional skills being utilized and giving the skills needed. Farmers are given classroom theoretical with interactive training modules and digital presentations, apiary practical skills and classroom revision with challenging tasks set to stimulate performance.

Beekeeping equipment supply

Malaika Honey has been producing beehives and beekeeping equipment since 2006 with the key focus to produce high quality equipment suitable for the small-scale farmer and affordable.The equipment include beehives, technical harvesting and processing equipment. over the years with our research and development we have improved the equipment to suit the needs of a beekeeper

Our Partners

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