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Malaika Honey company main target is to develop beekeeping skills to farmers in Uganda in order to sell honey in Uganda and get all the practical knowledge.

Honey has well documented health benefits. High in invertase enzymes, honey can strengthen the bodies immune system. The elements of glucose oxidase, high acidity and sugar content are three essential elements that kill bacteria in the body. Our honey is something special. Uganda has a rich natural environment, famed for its national parks and mountain gorillas. We are working with small-holder farmers in organic farming practises to get the best quality honey.

Malaika Honey  specialized in beekeeping equipment & training in Uganda since June 2006, aims to develop the beekeeping and honey industry in Uganda, training farmers provide farmers practical knowledge and skills to succeed in selling honey in Uganda and raise their income levels.

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Malaika Honey has been producing beehives and beekeeping equipment since 2006 with the key aim to develop, affordable high quality and workable equipment suitable for the common farmer. See more
Our honey label “Not tonight honey” is the leading established honey brand in the market for over a decade along with “Malaika Propolis” that has been on pharmaceutical distribution since 2007. With a strong linkage to farmers nationwide raising skill levels leads to better quality products.
We provide groups and individuals technical support in apiary establishment and skills from basic introduction to advanced skill learning in crop pollination and queen rearing. For more information please contact us.