I am very happy because the book i bought about bee keeping by Malaika Honey has given me great ideas on how to improve my bee hives

Achol Catherine

When I used the methods I was given by Malaika Honey to fence my bee hives, I never looked back, forever grateful

Gideon Mugisa

My business has improved after i implemented methods i got from the Malaika workshop, thanks guys

Semwasi Benson

This is the best services around, thanks Malaika Honey for the work well done

John Ssemakula

The beekeeping experience was one of the more surprisingly interesting things I’ve been to in 5 years in Uganda. I’d never given it much thought before, but it was fascinating learning the ways bees dance to find food sources, different types of hives, and putting on beekeeping gear to open up hives and see how…

Andrew Kent

I am very pleased with Malaika Honey Propolis that I have been using for many many years. I first discovered this wonderful product in a hostel near Kampala when in Uganda doing a nursing placement in 2008. I love the fact it is natural as too helping the community’s. I have shared it with my…

Serena – UK