Malaika honey equipment has been of top quality and well suited for the job.  The beesuit, in particular, is comfortable, hard wearing and makes me stand out in the bee yard and the bees love it.

Guilio Pinetti

I love the beesuit and smoker. Khaki cotton with African fabric trim with large pockets. Two-piece suit is a great idea. I doubt my white suits will ever come out of the cupboard again. Great equipment and happy to support a great cause!

Andrea Lang

I am very happy because the book i bought about bee keeping by Malaika Honey has given me great ideas on how to improve my bee hives

Achol Catherine

When I used the methods I was given by Malaika Honey to fence my bee hives, I never looked back, forever grateful

Gideon Mugisa

My business has improved after i implemented methods i got from the Malaika workshop, thanks guys

Semwasi Benson

This is the best services around, thanks Malaika Honey for the work well done

John Ssemakula